Welcome to Writing for Sanity's Sake

If you're a Christian, you've probably had somebody look at you and ask, "Have you prayed about it?" That has to be one of the most irritating questions. Why? Because prayer isn't a magic elixir that you drink and TA-DA! Everything is perfect! It doesn't work like that for most people.


This 'Just pray about it' attitude can turn many people off from Christianity. Now, don't get me wrong, Prayer does work. I wholeheartedly believe in prayer. But God doesn't always do what you want. In fact, the majority of the time, He does something that you didn't even consider. 


God doesn't always just wave His hand and POOF! Your problems disappear! Why? Well, the problems and difficult times we go through are an amazing way that God helps us grow to be more like Jesus.


Now, I understand that not all of my readers will be Christians, and that's great! But I just want to let you all know about my own beliefs and the reason why I write.


Whatever 'it' may be, like mental illness, physical illness, thoughts, addictions, whatever. Prayer is great. Prayer is powerful. But it is not magic. For those struggling with themselves, for those who have prayed and are still in the midst of the storm, YOU are the people I write for. To put it simply: