What do you get when you mix two Aspies, an alcoholic, a man with a personality disorder, and a savant with learning disabilities and then throw in a man with bipolar disorder, a schizophrenic, a girl with bulimia, and a person with chronic depression?

Sound like the tagline for a ridiculous joke?


Think again because it’s not a joke.


But what do you get?

9 Ways to Normal

Take a look into the lives of nine characters from a wide spectrum of mental diversity. Each diagnosis is different, each experience is unique, and every one of them could be somebody you know.


And guess what?

You may come to find that every one of them has a normal. It isn’t your normal. It isn’t my normal. But it’s their normal. Because normal has no single definition. Normal is not an objective criterion. The truth is...

Normal is a completely subjective experience.